We enable post click redirection

SmartClick is link making platform enables to create single URL that allows post click redirection based on your rules

What can I do with SmartClick ?

SmartClick allows you to create links with multi-capability. Your links can redirect your targets to different pages according to criteria you defined.

You can create smarter links with SmartClick. If you want to redirect your traffic to different pages just after clicking your link. Your traffic will be redirected to the pages based on rules you defined in SmartClick panel.

Country, Device, Carrier, Browser, Language and Operating System can be used while creating rules. SmartClick panel allows you to create very advanced rules by including six criteria above in a single rule.

Link Creating Criteria at SmartClick






Operating System

Why use SmartClick instead of building it myself ?

Because its cost efficient and we offer a lot more than just links. SmartClick has advanced targeting that includes targeting according to location, device, and carrier etc. It also allows you to see result of your clicks in our panel’s reporting page, and we also provide 99.9% uptime guarantee, because every single data is very important for us.

App and AppStore Redirection with SmartClick

People can be redirected to specific application if they already installed that app. The app will be open when clicking the link. If app doesn't available in the phone, traffic can be redirected to App Store or website as a selected fallback option.
*Only available for iOS and AppStore.

Smart Reports for insight

You can see results of your clicks via rule based reports. SmartClick has a developed reporting system that provides insight on app, AppStore and web redirections. You can also export data in csv format and ready to use in Excel.

SmartClick API helps to export your data to another platforms.

Reasons to Love SmartClick


You can use SmartClick Report API to send your analytics detail to another platforms. Its pretty useful to control data.


Your data is very important for us. SmartClick provides 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can contact with us anytime you want.


SmartClick is pretty easy tool to use. You won't need any effort before start to use it. Our tutorials will help you for usage.

No upfront payments, Pay As Usage

Until 20K Points*


all features included

Over 20K Points*

$0.2 / 1K points

all features included

Over 1M Points*

$0.1 / 1K points

all features included

Over 5M Points*

< $0.1 / 1K Points

all features included

*Poins are measured as sum of impressions, clicks and conversions at every month

**Payment done monthly and click quota renew begining of each month